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Black House

Arthur F. Black House is at 707 Cerbat Avenue, Kingman, Arizona. The house was built in 1919 & second floor added in 1933. The house has a native stone wall and an open veranda & balcony. The lumber for the 1933 addition came from an original high school gym.

Mr. Black was the mining foreman at the Golconda Mine for about 4 years, a railroad engineer for 3 years, and partner in Kingman Motor Co. (Ford Dealership). He started the Boulder Dam Line, Kingman to Las Vegas line and adding to Phoenix; it handled passengers and freight.

He is known as the Father of U. S. Route 93 and helped in creating U. S. Route 66 from Old Trails Highway. He also formed the first cab company in Kingman, called Kingman Cab Co. The house was place on the National Register in 1993. The house is on the National Register of Historic Places and the number is 93001324.

Boulder Dam Line Limosine - Authur Black and daughter Virginia

"Clipper" passenger bus in front of passenger depot - Beale Street. Arthur F. Black established the "Boulder Dam Stage Line" in Kingman, Arizona in 1920. Mr. Black came to Mohave County early and engaged in Mining and Milling. He married Mabel Van Marter, daughter of Mohave County pioneer, Charles Van Marter, and had a large family. Arthur F. Black founded the Kingman Motor Company, owned and operated the Boulder Dam Freight Lines which later became Navajo Freight Lines. He also owned the Phoenix-Boulder City Stage Lines and was a president of the Mohave County Chamber of Commerce as well as Director of both the U.S. Highway 66 and Highway 93 Associations.

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