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House At 105 Spring Street

The house at 105 Spring Street in Kingman, Arizona, was built around 1911 by Mary Eleanor Cohenour, former wife of Jacob Neff Cohenour, Mohave County Sheriff and Postmaster during the 1880s.

Mrs. Cohenour developed the Pleasant View addition to downtown Kingman, building her own home at the base point of the development in 1911. The home is in the Bungalow/Craftsman design. Mrs. Cohenour is also noted for having been the first woman to pilot her own automobile from Kingman to Signal, Arizona in 1928. (She was a very successful businesswoman, as well.)

In 1946 Mae McMullen purchased the home and retained ownership until 2001. Mae McMullen was another prominent woman in Kingman, AZ; she served as Head Surgical Nurse at the County Hospital. In 2014 Joe & Greta Warren puchased the home and have done a great deal of restoration.

The house has 4/1 lite double hung wood frame windows, porch columns and foundation done in native stone, lintels and sills in concrete. The house was added to the National Register of Historical Places in 1986. The house is also registered with the Arizona State Historic Buildings registry.

Enlarge View From 2017
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