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The city of Kingman was established in the early 1880s by Lewis Kingman who located the route of the Santa Fe Railway. In 1883 Kingman was established as a railroad stop.

One of the most interesting parks in Kingman is the the Locomotive Park. It is located at 1st and Andy Devine Avenue, in downtown Kingman. This park is home for AT&SF steam engine #3759, which visitors may climb aboard. AT&SF 3759 locomotive is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Shown above is Engine 3759 pulling a passenger train near Kingman

This "Mountain Type" coal-burning steam locomotive was built in 1927 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works. Then in 1941, it was converted to use oil. It was retired in 1953, having traveled over 2,585,600 miles.

The AT&SF used its 4-8-4s for regular passenger service from Los Angeles to Kansas City, with Kingman as a water stop. Since its main line stretching over 2200 miles (Chicago to California), the AT&SF had a real need for excellent motive power.

Finally in 1957, it was the last steam engine to travel the line to Kingman. On this last journey, the Santa Fe Railroad presented the engine to the city of Kingman.

In 1987 caboose 999520 was retired and donated to Kingman to be added to the 3759 display. The park was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986 as number 86001113.

For more than 20 years this ancient steam engine was used to transport passengers, making ten round trips monthly. Average east-bound speed was 54.3 MPH; west-bound 60.2 MPH. It was the last steam engine to travel the rails between Chicago and Los Angeles.

Locomotive Park in Kingman, Arizona is a beautiful location and a popular place to visit for an afternoon of relaxation under the shady trees. The visitors center is right across the street at the old Powerhouse.

AT&SF 3759 Locomotive Specifications
Gross Weight Incl. Tender 468,800 Lbs.
Weight on Drivers 236,000 Lbs.
Tractive Force 66,000 Lbs.
Wheel Type 4-8-4
Gauge 4'-8½"
Cylinder Size 30" x 30"
Diameter of Drivers 80"
Boiler Pressure 250 PSI
Tender Capacity (Water) 20,000 Gal
Tender Capacity (Fuel Oil) 7,107 Gal.
Overal Length 108' 7"
Top Speed 100 MPH
Near the west end of Locomotive Parks stands the Beale Monument on which is inscribed the story of Lt. Edward Beale.
(Exception: Separate Small and Large Dog Park @ Lewis Kingman Park)
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Locomotive Park Beale Street and Andy Devine
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Powerhouse Visitors Center 120 W. Beale Street
Railroad Water & Fuel Tanks Andy Devine
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Beale Wagon Road Near Kingman High School
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Lewis Kingman Park 2201 E. Andy Devine Ave
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Pioneer Cemetery 1301 Stockton Hill Road
White Cliffs Wagon Trail Park White Cliffs Road

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